The Power of One on One




For the past forty years, Jim Stump could be found sitting in a café on the Stanford University campus chatting with some of the most talented athletes in the world, walking with them, getting to know them, sharing his life with them, and loving them. He understands that the best way to have an eternal impact on the world is to develop deep and meaningful relationships with a handful of people. When Jesus walked the earth, he focused his energies not on filling stadiums but on twelve handpicked disciples whom he mentored and equipped to carry out ministries of their own.

With engaging personal stories of the famous athletes he has mentored, along with examples from the life of Jesus, Jim Stump shows how to develop rich mentoring relationships with the people in our lives. He answers the question so many of us have–“How can I help to bring my friends to faith?”–by providing simple steps toward developing those relationships, living life authentically, and sharing faith with those we care about.

Pastors, youth pastors, small group leaders, and individual believers will find The Power of One-on-One inspirational, encouraging, and practical.

 Available Spring 2014
Jim Stump, with Frank Martin
Baker Books, 2014



“Jim Stump, in The Power of One-on-One, demonstrates the simplicity and surprising influence of a personal conversation. Sharing the faith and providing mentorship, it seems, does not require the pomp and circumstance of a vast arena–a cup of coffee and an open ear will do the trick.”

Pat Williams, cofounder and senior vice president of the Orlando Magic; author of Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret

“I met Jim during my first year of college. He was and is someone I look up to. There is something about his walk with Jesus that is infectious. Joy overflows in his life. He is uniquely wired to connect men twice his size to the Creator and Savior of the world. Jim’s discipleship ministry is amazing. He has loved people into a life-changing relationship with his Savior by spending time with them and speaking into their lives in ways that are Spirit-empowered. You will be encouraged and challenged by his story. Perhaps, like me, you will see God calling you to invest more deeply in the lives of others as you read this book.”

Jay Barnes, president, Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Jim Stump has been practicing for years what many desire to do–build disciples one-on-one in small, intimate settings. Learn from the one who mastered Jesus’ command to ‘go and make disciples.'”

Josh D. McDowell, author and speaker

“The Bible tells us that a wise man wins souls (Prov. 11:30). Jim Stump is a wise man. He walks the walk of a lifestyle evangelist and has done so for more than thirty years. His platform for sharing hasn’t been a street corner or a church building; it has been a table in the athletic dorm of Stanford University. He sets up shop and takes appointments with the athletes to talk with them about the issues of life. He shares the Bible one-on-one as he points these athletes in the right direction for living, and through his work he has led many to a relationship with Christ. No telling how many men he has mentored over the years and how many more he has influenced with his one-on-one mentoring life and message. In this book Jim encourages and inspires all of us to share our faith in a practical, conversational way through imparting the skills and insight he has developed over more than three decades of ministry. I encourage everyone who wants to live wisely to read this book!”

Tom Lane, executive senior pastor, Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas

“Jim Stump lives what he preaches–the power of God to change lives through relationship, one person at a time. I grew up with ‘Stumper,’ have known him since high school, and this I know: Jim loves God; Jim lets God’s love spill over to those around him; Jim listens and laughs and prays, letting the truth about Jesus shine through. Walk with Jim through these pages as he shares what God has taught him about the power of one-on-one mentoring, and discover that God can use you too.”

Neta Jackson, author of the Yada Yada Prayer Group series

“One of the primary roles of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to reach coaches, who are so much more to athletes than just a person who draws up the plays. The best coaches are great mentors who invest in the lives of their athletes. In The Power of One-on-One, Jim Stump shows us why it is so important to be a mentor and how to mentor as Jesus did. The Power of One-on-Onecan be taken to heart as we ‘sow into the lives of others in order to reap a harvest of salvation.'”

Les Steckel, veteran NFL coach; president/CEO of Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“We live in such an age of hyperbole, false advertising, and untruths that it is so refreshing to read of the life of Jim Stump and his mission. Jim does not embellish or try to sell a view of the truth; his book is an authentic extension and explanation of his life. What an inspiring and clear articulation of what it means to follow Jesus and to simply be instructed in the expression of daily walking the talk. Everyone who is involved in caring for others, whether in a formal ministry or like most of us attempting to follow Jesus and his teachings, will find not only an interesting story but a life-challenging and helpful expression of the practical living out of one’s faith in Jesus. This extends into mentoring and equipping others. We don’t need more how-to books and programs; we need more authentic people who model what it means to walk the talk and who express it as Jesus did–nonjudgmentally and in ways that are helpful for equipping the church for the work of ministry. Jim lives out the ‘new commandment’ in John 13:34-35. Be encouraged by a true follower of Jesus who is faithful to his calling!”

Milt Richards, associate, International Foundation, Pacific Rim

About Jim Stump

16018Jim Stump is the founder of Sports Challenge and has been a one-on-one mentor to many hundreds of Stanford student athletes for over forty years. He has also served as chaplain for the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants. A graduate of Wheaton College, Stump lives in California with his wife, Linda.