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“These days, I’m more inclined to think God’s anthropology–what God thinks about us–packs more heft and punch than our theology–what we think about God. Tim King and Frank Martin seem to think so too, and have written a book that draws us into the wideness and deepness of God’s heart, showing us His fierce and tender affection even for sinners like me. King and Martin remind us that the good news has nothing to do with how good we are, only how loved.”
– Mark Buchanan, author of The Rest of God and The Holy Wild

“The message of this book can’t be stated often enough: God loves us. Oh yes, he does. Furious Pursuit shows us that God’s love is active and vibrant and on the chase for you and me. Others have said this before, but Furious Pursuit takes us one step further.”
– Scot McKnight, author of The Jesus Creed and Embracing Grace

“(Furious Pursuit is) a masterpiece which reminds us of God’s eternal presence in every day life. Each chapter combines personal stories with Scriptural insight and truth… This book will stir eternal thoughts which will last far longer than the reading experience. It’s a book worth reading–and reading again to soak deeply in the spiritual truths.”
— Terry Whalin, Agent, editor, and author of over 50 books

“Are you tired of chasing after God with endless lists of rules and impossible tasks? There’s Good News!!! “Furious Pursuit: Why God Will Never Let You Go” is a book written for those of you like me who have been searching for God, but always seem to end up feeling hopeless, alone and tired. This book carefully lays out God’s larger story of love as the greatest love story ever told.

“Furious Pursuit” simplifies what I always thought was the most daunting task in my life – finding God. So many of the theological approaches today end up making us feel totally worthless, with the path to finding God an impossible task. King and Martin lay out a very simple approach to this – recognizing that God is already pursuing us and letting it happen. We are wooed by God through initial courtship, dating and finally the long-term commitment of marriage. And the best part is? The happy ending in this divine romance is about us…

“Furious Pursuit” helped me to see God in a whole new light and to look forward to my everyday relationship with God instead of being overwhelmed and lost.”
— Cherrie Fisher, from

“My attempt to live a Christian life was really turned on its head by this book. I had been striving, striving, striving – and frankly I was tired. It’s a little confronting to be so honest in such a public space, but I know I must not be the only one who feels this way. When I picked up Furious Pursuit – Why God Will Never Let You Go, it had been sitting on my desk unread for a month. After all, I reasoned, the title made it clear: it was a book for those who had “found God” already, and most days I felt like I was still looking. To my surprised, I was captivated from the first page. Written with poignancy and truth, and accented by Scriptural insight and inspirational quotes, I confess I found myself alternately uplifted, encouraged, brought to tears, and – frankly – relieved to know that I was not alone, I was loved, He did hear me and most importantly, it was all worth it.

“It is the human condition to agonize over past failures and worry ourselves into a frenzy over the future. Ever tried living in the present moment? It is hard! But after the encouragement of Furious Pursuit, even my paltriest efforts were rewarded with such a strong sense that God was right there, next to me, in the here-and-now. I find my life now blessed with a greater measure of the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’.”
–Rachel Koopmans, CB Reviews

I recommend this book as a good read. If you want a fresh perspective of what a relationship with God can look like, you will not be disappointed. Go to any Christian bookstore and go to the “Christian Living” section, you’ll see many books and authors share their thoughts on how to be a better Christian. Predominantly, the theme for most of those books are, “Do more for God and He’ll do more for you. He’ll bless you if you Do.” Furious Pursuit is the opposite… Read this book and you will not be disappointed.”
–Rob Lane, Sacmission

“Furious Pursuit was written in a style that is good for both the church and unchurched alike, those who are in spiritual exploration and those who have perhaps had enough of the bonds of an elusive, unattainable God. The authors pose questions as they go along, demonstrating that this stuff is being worked out in them too. Hence they give real life examples about their own lives, stories of past hurts, legalism, teenage complexes, and a window into where their own spiritual inquiry has led them. This honesty worked for me.”
–Jose & Mayra, Cracked Pots website

“Furious Pursuit reminds us that History is the story of God’s Son, Jesus. Our purpose is not to create our own story but to participate in Christ’s story. In doing so, we are one with the Lord and with one another. It is only this perspective that sets the heart free from fear, and it is only the heart free from fear that can love.

“If you are looking for a change of mind about God and your relationship with Him, Furious Pursuit is a very good read.”
–Doug Reed, The Thornecrown Journal

“A little more than a week ago I wrote about.Furious Pursuit, Why God Will Never Let You Go.

“I’ve now read enough of the book to heartily endorse it.  No, I’m not quite finished with it but nevertheless, what I have read is more than enough to ask my readers to seriously consider Furious Pursuit. It’s simply that good.  So good in fact that my plan is to read it again and to do what my wife and I have done in the past when I’ve found books I think are speaking to me, we’ll read it together, aloud.  And I’m looking forward to it.”
–Rick Steroni,

“I suppose there are a whole lot of theological things to be said about this book. I’m sure there are things I should know, be sure of etc. but the only thing I can say is ‘wow’. How refreshing it is to hear that God will always love me… How good it is to know that my small life does fit into the bigger picture of God’s glorious story.”
–Mae Baldwin, The Road to Romance

“One of the best books I’ve read in my faith journey has been ” Raggamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning…. I put Furious Pursuit up there with Raggamuffin Gospel..

“We all need to have books like this on our shelves, and night tables for those times when we’re worn out, out of breath, living in fear, feeling isolated…books like Furious Pursuit are constant reminders of the true love story.”
–Ron Cole, from The Weary Pilgrim webblog

“This reviewer agrees wholeheartedly with another reviewer of this book when he states: ‘The message of this book can’t be stated often enough: God loves us.’ This book not only suggests that God loves us but also that He has never left our side. This is based, the authors insist, on God’s nature and not on our faithfulness.

“Quite frankly, this is one of the most positive and encouraging books this reviewer has run across in a long while.”
–Walter Nunn, The Alabama Baptist

“Furious Pursuit does a good job picking up where many “Christian self-help” titles leave off, sharing adult reflections on passion, pursuit, and God’s language of love for a lifetime. The authors call us to readjust our expectations—not dumbing them down, but sharpening them in the crucible of Scripture and honest experience.

” A very good read. I found that in this deceptively Lucado-esque tome, King and Martin passionately deconstruct condemning, detached, and dualistic approaches to God and faith. It is a must-read for soccer moms, working Joes and seminarians everywhere.”
–Michael Morrell,

“Furious Pursuit will forever change the way you think about God. Bringing theological truths to a personal level, the authors show a side of the Almighty that is often overlooked and misunderstood…

“These pages overflow with sensitivity, wrapping readers in a blanket of love and genuine concern. The Father’s heart is unveiled, one moment at a time, providing readers with a tangible feeling of comfort. The idea of God pursuing us is both daring and delightful. Heightening the awareness of the very real presence of the Lord brings with it a sense of adventure as well as a quietness of spirit…

“Furious Pursuit runs with a bold and biblical insight!”
–Joyce Handzo, In The Library Reviews

“If you enjoy Brennan Manning’s grace saturated writings and need to be reminded that God himself is in love with you, then you should pick this book up. Furious Pursuit reminds us that God knew our every stumble and weaknessbefore He saved and accepted us and that we need to learn to quit white-knuckling it through our lives wondering if we’re worthy.

“Furious Pursuit is a quick read that is filled with stories about God’s wonderful patience and grace with us silly mortals on this side of the portal. I enjoyed the book very much.”
–Chuck Gerwin, Sacred Digital