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Embracing Eternity

Living Each Day With a Heart Toward Heaven

The One Year Left Behind Devotional

Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, & Frank Martin
Tyndale House, 2005

With the best-selling Left Behind series as background, this 365-day devotional is for fans of the popular series. Perfect for those interested in studying God’s promises for the future, with key examples from the fiction books. Writer Frank Martin joins the LaHaye/Jenkins team to make this a practical, inspirational tool for personal spiritual growth.

“This book is very uplifting, explaining scripture in an everyday language with a real-life example to help you understand it. Its day-to-day entries are great for a quick, one-page story to read. I bought copies for my daughters and myself to give as additional Christmas gifts. They are enjoying this, along with me. I would buy more copies his to give.”
Patricia Taylor
“I have never been disappointed with the books by this author. I will probably read this book again. I am a fan of this sort of book.”
Barbara Jackson