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The Kid-Friendly Dad – Paperback
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The Kid-Friendly Dad

Connecting With Your Kids in a Chaotic World

Frank Martin
InterVarsity Press

It Isn’t Easy Being a Good Father in a High-Tech, Low-Morals World

Are you stumped by the task of fathering? Do you sometimes wonder if you are too tough or too easy on your kids? Have you been shaken by the anger aimed at you? Did you once think you could handle anything parenting could throw your way, but now wonder how to have a normal conversation with your daughter?

Frank Martin is a father who has developed some kid-tested ideas about what children need most from their dads. Yes, it is possible to be a friend–and much more. An anchor, a beacon, a teacher and a model. Through it all, you’ll find this book to be the guide you need through the ups and downs of parenting.

"Effective, practical and moving. Frank speaks with the voice of experience.”
Jerry B. Jenkins, Author